Thanks to our generous supporters, Bring Joy are re-opening grants in mid-March. Please read below to see if you may be eligible. 

Over the past year Bring Joy Foundation has been reviewing its grant making programme.

We have listened to feedback from local groups and charities as to how we can improve what we do and maximise our impact in all our communities. As a result of this we have made some changes to how we work.

· We have simplified our grant making programme

· We are now open to small grass roots organisations who are not registered as a charity.

· We will specifically fund activities and projects that further the needs of our aging adult population and prevent/address social isolation and loneliness.

· We have lowered our age category to over 55’s.

· We will further support you by connecting you to one of our local offices so you can build even more support in your local area.

We have new guidelines for applications and criteria that you must fulfil to be eligible to apply for a grant. These are:

· We will give priority to applications that have a connection to, and are championed by, a local Home Instead office.

· If you are a small grass roots organisation you can apply for funding up to £500.

· If you are a small local registered charity you can apply for funding up to £1,500. Larger grants can be considered for exceptional projects.

· Most of your group members must be over 55 years old or the project you are requesting funding for must benefit people aged over 55

· The project must support its members through activities and projects that prevent or address wellbeing, social isolation and/or loneliness

· Your group must be open and inclusive irrespective of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation

· We will only fund individuals if it is to provide access to your group, i.e. transport costs or communications devices.

· We will only fully fund grant requests from organisations who hold no more than 3 months operating costs in reserve. If you have more than this, the charity will only co-fund your project up to a maximum 50% of the funding required.

· We will consider applications from groups, associations and charities that do not service the over 50s directly but the project they require funding for does, i.e. A local school wishes to hold a special afternoon tea for its local care home residents.

· If you are a registered charity your application must be accompanied by a copy of your constitution and annual accounts.

Please bear in mind we are a small charity with limited resource. Funding is limited and so we will prioritise those applications that are championed by a local Home Instead Office. If you do not have a current connection, we will work with you and your local Home Instead Office to raise the funds that you need but this may take more time. Please build this into your funding timescales as it could take up to 6 months.

We aim to fulfil all eligible requests for funding, but limited resources means that this may not be possible.

If you think you may be eligible, please visit this page again in mid-March to fill in an application form.